Thursday, November 13, 2008

php code automated image viewer.

well, with a lot of help and hassle I put together a little script to show my storyboard.
what it does is automatically count the files in a named directory, and then show them like a strip browser from 1-how ever many you have.
I think it's perfect for making webcomics.
whatch my first test on:

I'd like to post the code in a usefull place, but haven't found one yet.
so, putting it here for now.

(to get it to work, remove the .txt from the end.)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

so much to tell..

oh dear!
I've been neglecting this place; I've just been at the project without putting up any updates.

first, on the 3d front, I found a programm called makehuman:
which I think I'll use for the basic moddeling. then fix up the differences in blender and add my own head.
second, I've done a LOT of character designs now- and even started on some of the pages for the storyboard. the mocked up version; I'm already halfway through the episodes in roughs, but I imagine I'll be making some changes.
thirdly I've reserved a part of my website for the project:
there's noting on it yet; I'm looking for some php script that will automatically show any new images that I upload as a new page.

last but not least: the pages that are done ar viewable on my devart account for now - its not a perfect place, but at least they're viewable.
if you want to take a look, feedback is very much appreciated!

Friday, October 3, 2008

joined body and head.

today I joined body and head.

I'm having a little trouble with a script I borrowed, which should make it possible to make shape tweens and bone binds for one half of the body, then copy to the other side. will try and figure out what's wrong.

the body has some extruded faces around joints. I'm hoping that'll help in bending the joints realistically.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

head finish

well, I just finished it; except maybe a little tweaking. a problem with this technique is you get a lot of vertices in unneeded area's, as in the space between jaw and neck. all in all, I think it looks good though. will have to wait till animating and shapetweening untill I know if this is a good technique though.
the whole thing took about 3-4 hours; not particualry fast. but not that slow either.

this is the end result.
the ears maybe a little funny, but I kinda like m like that. there's also gonna be a lot of hair covering them..

Blender head

first thing I'd like to put up here is a head I'm currently working on (3d, blender).
it's modeled on a side and front fiew for Red 38's head. right now I'm going with a different approach from what I usually do. (I usually make a vertex line for the profile and extrude)

this time, I'm gonna start with a ball shape for the skull, and extrude neck and jaw from there.

I hope this will give me simpler geonometery, and also make it easier to open the mouth, ak lowering the jaw.

I've extruded the eyesockets inward. I first considered raising the forehead, but then the nose and cheecks would have to raize again. I think this works better.

well, that's the head for now; I'm gonna continue with putting in the mouth ear and eye now. stay tuned for more ;)


Project Redz is an idea for an animation series I would like to have running on the internet itself.
The main problem with this is, of course, the work load.
How long would it take for me to complete one episode on my own, in the style I'm looking for?
way, way long.
It's not just the hours itself; I'm already pretty tightly tretched between my job, boyfriend, horse, and such. none of which I'm willing to quit.

But I've decided that's just fine; I don't have to finish a whole episode on my own.
there's several reasons to do this project anyway
first, at work I make animations for an online game.
as great as it is, I keep running into options I would like to explore further; because I think there'd be cool consequenses. for the game itself there'd be little added value. but for animation movies.. yay! if I put my toughts online, I might even get some feedback ;)
second, I'm animating animals now. want to do 3d people too. never really got around to much of that.
third, if I do get this stuff out there, and ppl get excited about it, maybe I can get some help or even a budget. then things would actually get finished!
All in all plenty reasons to get this online I think. so, I'm gonna start today.

I've been working on project Redz for quite a while now, on and off.
there's a lot of of stuff lying around for this.
from now on, I'd like to do a weekly update to add material.
they will either consist of a storyboard, 2d drawings or 3d models with explanation ofc.
any comments or feedback IS appreciated!