Saturday, November 8, 2008

so much to tell..

oh dear!
I've been neglecting this place; I've just been at the project without putting up any updates.

first, on the 3d front, I found a programm called makehuman:
which I think I'll use for the basic moddeling. then fix up the differences in blender and add my own head.
second, I've done a LOT of character designs now- and even started on some of the pages for the storyboard. the mocked up version; I'm already halfway through the episodes in roughs, but I imagine I'll be making some changes.
thirdly I've reserved a part of my website for the project:
there's noting on it yet; I'm looking for some php script that will automatically show any new images that I upload as a new page.

last but not least: the pages that are done ar viewable on my devart account for now - its not a perfect place, but at least they're viewable.
if you want to take a look, feedback is very much appreciated!