Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blender head

first thing I'd like to put up here is a head I'm currently working on (3d, blender).
it's modeled on a side and front fiew for Red 38's head. right now I'm going with a different approach from what I usually do. (I usually make a vertex line for the profile and extrude)

this time, I'm gonna start with a ball shape for the skull, and extrude neck and jaw from there.

I hope this will give me simpler geonometery, and also make it easier to open the mouth, ak lowering the jaw.

I've extruded the eyesockets inward. I first considered raising the forehead, but then the nose and cheecks would have to raize again. I think this works better.

well, that's the head for now; I'm gonna continue with putting in the mouth ear and eye now. stay tuned for more ;)

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