Thursday, September 25, 2008


Project Redz is an idea for an animation series I would like to have running on the internet itself.
The main problem with this is, of course, the work load.
How long would it take for me to complete one episode on my own, in the style I'm looking for?
way, way long.
It's not just the hours itself; I'm already pretty tightly tretched between my job, boyfriend, horse, and such. none of which I'm willing to quit.

But I've decided that's just fine; I don't have to finish a whole episode on my own.
there's several reasons to do this project anyway
first, at work I make animations for an online game.
as great as it is, I keep running into options I would like to explore further; because I think there'd be cool consequenses. for the game itself there'd be little added value. but for animation movies.. yay! if I put my toughts online, I might even get some feedback ;)
second, I'm animating animals now. want to do 3d people too. never really got around to much of that.
third, if I do get this stuff out there, and ppl get excited about it, maybe I can get some help or even a budget. then things would actually get finished!
All in all plenty reasons to get this online I think. so, I'm gonna start today.

I've been working on project Redz for quite a while now, on and off.
there's a lot of of stuff lying around for this.
from now on, I'd like to do a weekly update to add material.
they will either consist of a storyboard, 2d drawings or 3d models with explanation ofc.
any comments or feedback IS appreciated!

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